Holiday Decorating Inspo

Happy holidays to you lovely Dreamers. This year I’ve truly been in the spirit, continuing and embracing traditions for my family. This season I’m working at an interior design firm and with holiday work comes great discounts.


My Christmas tree got an upgrade this year, up until yesterday I had inexpensive but festive ornaments that I still held near and dear to my heart. But inspiration took hold and I came up with a lovely theme for my tree. The theme was, feminine, classy and whimsical. I’m sure you’re not surprised because those are all elements of my personal dressing style, so of course my tree would deserve nothing less.


A peek inside my brainstorming, I gathered these ornaments one at a time starting with the longer ivory reflector ornament as my inspiration and the mauve with sparkle ribbon. I knew I would want alot of ornaments but I didn’t want to go crazy cause these ornaments are a tad pricey. With a great discount in mind I grabbed what I believed would be enough to dress the tree without leaving too many empty spaces. The large sparkle sphere ornaments that you see really add alot of filler on a tree. I happened to be working on a real tree this year so it posed a different conflict. The branches were weak and sparse, the tree couldn’t support the amount of ornaments I had let alone adding more. So next year I’m deciding to go with a artificial tree, along with being “green” friendly; it also grants me alot more freedom with decorating.

I mean I really got in this tree.  I was trimming branches, fluffing and cutting to make it look as best as I could.

Holiday Ornaments
Classy ornaments

Here’s a shot of the filled bag I took home, the colors are spectacular and truly boost my mood just by looking at it.

I’ll link a video giving you guys the full run down on the tree. I hope you enjoyed this post and were inspired. Comment, like and don’t forget to follow the blog for more enjoyable post. Let me know what you would want to see next.

Later Dreamers.



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