Spring Forward

On the 2nd nice day of the year, here in Philadelphia. We were finally teased with a preview of amazing weather and I enjoyed every bit of it. With a perfect 70 degree day and almost no cold wind, the jacket was quickly abandoned and the toes were out.

“I couldn’t wait to break into my spring wardrobe and prance around the town like a show horse.”

There was a product haul I recently did from Ann Taylor Loft and I am really enjoying the buying selection this season. The collection is flirty, preppy and feminine, just my style. Below is a couple shots of my first outfit of the season. I also got a mini hair makeover and did some slight coloring and micro link extensions. I’m quite fond of it, worth every penny. Although I am considering lightening my hair and extensions up a bit more. I wanted a more defined and dramatic pop of color, still classy of course but a bigger hit.


Blouse & Skirt- Ann Taylor Loft

Shoes- Calvin Klein

Jewelry- Tiffany & co

Bag- Gucci disco

While you’re feasting your eyes upon this preppy goodness and as a handsome witty asshole once told me “Milf” life. I will share the brunch that started the day off right.

Over in New Hope, we took a gander at the River Cat Cafe. Let’s just say we were not disappointed. I had my usual breakfast goodies with the brunch staple Eggs Benedict, my accompanied had a scrumptious breakfast platter. We attempted to split but my greed caused me to eat all the blueberry pancakes. See food below:


The Eggs Benedict was a solid dish. Hollandaise sauce had a tangy kick, perfect lemon balance. Ham was cooked well and flavorful. I really liked the idea of this pico de gallo mix with breakfast, a unique approach to just giving you a sliced tomato and it worked perfectly. The breakfast potatoes were the star of the show, mixed with a yukon and sweet potato diced mixed it was phenomenal. I could taste a little bit of salt, pepper, burned garlic in there. I consumed the entire dish with nothing added, I’m a fan. 93b2a872-75b1-46ed-bdb2-6aab42f0fc8e

Blueberry pancakes were soft and moist. The topping was a blueberry coulis, which before yesterday I wasn’t familiar with this term. It is pretty much a blueberry reduction. a bunch of blueberries are thrown in a pan, reduced down and slightly burned to get this tasty sauce. It also needed no editions.

Here’s a few more shots of my outfit.


Hope you east coast dreamers got out and enjoyed the weather. As always I leave you with a quote.

Later Dreamers ❤

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