Christmas is coming


So I always wanted to start a post out with saying that. Hehe

It’s December 1st dreamers, here to get you motivated and in the Christmas spirit I’m sharing my favorite knick knacks. Christmas edition.

Before we work up the holiday bashers, please exit stage left. As we the holiday lovers, enjoy living in a whimsical fantasy land. Where there are shiny lights and inspiring decor to  indulge upon with our family and loved ones. Marshalls and Home Goods is a good spot to hit when looking for unique decor that doesn’t break the bank. Im lucky to have two good locations near my home and they have a very well stocked collection of goods.


I absolutely love these throw blankets and could be an upgrade to your holiday decor. Not expensive and looks of quality, a sure way to inspire Christmas spirit.

Im still in the process of decorating the apartment but as soon as I atleast,  complete one room then I will feel confident enough to share that with all of you.  Even if I do some subtle changes, I’ll give an update.


This ornament is an older model and was gifted a while back, as you can see my daughter quickly associated this as a toy. She then proceeded to break off one of the kittens. I can’t bring myself to throw it out, so it stays in our collection flaws and all.


My favorite and sitting on my coffee table now, a gingerbread tree from Bath and Body Works that I purchased eons ago. I want to search Ebay for more items that was in this collection. Just a thought, I will do a video tour and photo of current seasonal candles and decor when I visit the store.

I hope you enjoyed the post, feel free to post your favorite decor and let me know how long you’ve had it.

Quote of the day, Late Dreamers.

“What you are seeking, is seeking you”.

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