The Dream House

Welcome to our pre-winter season, at the butt end of fall as I sit and chat with you dreamers today I see a snowfall. A beautiful white veil hitting the streets and changing the texture of my skin. It’s frigid for some and for me just right.

I’ve been gone for a short stint, but I promise not to leave you again. I recently moved and all settled in. Now I still have some purchases and decorating to do in the new pad but I’m more excited than ever.

A new apartment for me and my lovely daughter with our own spaces and room to grow. While I’m still permeating love for my new place, I’m looking towards the future and dreaming about our Dream House. I compiled a few images of how I envision the floor plan, decor, and aesthetic of the dream home.

So here are a few pics of inspiration. Enjoy 💜

The foyer is just lovely, crisp but a hint of color. Timeless

I’ve always imagined the rest of the house around this entry way. Lots of details and perfect balance.

This kitchen is pure romance, there’s not one detail that I don’t love. From the stain on the floor, the pattern of the floor. Hint of color of two tone cabinets, in harmony together like the perfect duet. The finishes and shapes, it’s perfection to me.

This bathroom is so fun, along with a clean aesthetic I love a touch of whimsy and this bathroom does just that.

An opportunity or corner shouldn’t be missed, hallways done right.

I guess it’s all about the sofa and a great collage, maybe not all mirrors for me but enough to keep the eye wandering.

A girl has always gotta have a little French flair. I would like to find a way to modernize it but appreciate the classic details.

This is such a dramatic powder room, I don’t believe ive ever seen such a detailed and statement powder room. Thumbs up

Let me know your favorite room from this stream of pictures. Feel free to share your dream details.

Here’s our quote, later dreamers.

13 thoughts on “The Dream House

  1. Thanks for sharing.. a lovely house….. 🙂

    “Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow them.” Louisa May Alcott

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  2. Beautiful, especially the quote at the end (so true and so me!) and congratulations on yours and your daughter new home too. May it be filled with many laughs, love, blessings and blissful memories xo

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