Doing up Denim

Hello Dreamers, It’s a dreary weekend here in Philadelphia; but I won’t let that stop me from delivering another outfit post.

Inspired, if I dare to say that,by the weather. It’s a casual cute kind of day, although I don’t do jeans and sneakers I did attempt to dress up some denim to avoid being overdressed going no where.

This is about as casual as I could get, I mixed a few pieces to feel this outfit out. I was afraid of denim for the longest time due to my teenage years when all there was “super low riders” I feared the female plumbers crack. Not attractive and very embarrassing, yes I fell victim to the low rider addiction and it took me years to look at denim again.19F0834C-3863-4F7F-A39C-82C21D85C3A1

Details on this look:

Hat- Free People

Sweater- Anthropologie

Jeans- American Eagle

Boots- Sam Edelman

believe it or not this top was nearly impossible to shoot, the stripes were causing issues with my camera lens. Nevertheless we persisted and the shots didn’t come out too bad.

What do you love or don’t love about this look? Leave a comment and don’t forget to like, if you approve of this look.

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