Deck The Halls

Tis the season you lovely dreamers, yesterday I was out just browsing around. You know I just moved so I didn’t want to go into the holiday black outs with shopping. He he, but this time only comes once a year. Although we all love the gifts, we cant ignore the decorations that come with the holiday season and Im a big fan. For more deats on the holiday outfit and what you can look forward to this season on Kionna Knows, keep reading.

So the outfit is Ann Taylor Loft, the buying has been really great this season.

The boots I got a while ago, I believe Forever 21.

Necklace is Tiffany’s

So I’m not sure if I’m entirely loving the outfit, I felt it was really conservative and away from my norm with any color or crisp aspects. It was a nice change, be sure to let me know what you guys think.


This Tree was huge, for side notes I am only 5’3 (5’7) at heart lol. This season I would to visit Longwood Gardens for it’s Christmas special with the baby and really get festive. Also deciding if I want an artificial tree or a real tree. What trees do you shop for around the holidays?

Later Dreamers

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3 thoughts on “Deck The Halls

  1. I just noticed now because I was actually looking at the photos rather than the text, what do we as readers think of your outfit you had asked?

    Saying you thought it might be a tad too conservative for you.

    Well, all I know is you do look very beautiful in that dress. 💗

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