A Season For Passion

Hey Dreamers, so in my recent weeks I have changed gears and taken some risk in order to pursue my passions.

This happens about once a year where I talk myself in and out of risk. Quite frankly, I’m often indecisive and like most I fear the unknown and even worst failure. But you already failed if you never tried and you must give yourself time to learn and grow.

With that being said, I’ll just spit it out now and honestly it’s very obvious. My passion that I’m going to stick with is Real Estate and Fashion. These two subjects have always been in my immediate realm of interest. I believe there’s a way to tie the two together and not to mention, dressing a house up is called “interior design” which I also love. So in strolling undeveloped neighborhood and assessing future values before work I took a couple photos in the rawness.

Featured in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. There is so much potential; in less than a mile you have a mix range of houses that are historic, unique, spacious and worth close to a million dollars easily. There’s plenty where that came from!

The area is very sectioned off where a few blocks are completely impoverished and a step to the right side of the tracks can put you in an affluent neighborhood.

I currently reside in Chestnut Hill, which is a stone’s throw from these houses. If you seen my last video and the houses I filmed, are in walking distance from where im standing now.


Now if we can change gears a bit to inquire on the details of my outfit…

Yes, I know you’re wondering. Keep reading for the scoop.

Lashes- Kiss so whispy

Lippie- Burts Bees

Beaded bracelet- Tiffany’s

Sweater- Anthropologie

Pants- Banana Republic

Shoes- Club Monaco


Slingback Shoes- Club Monaco


My outfit was really centered around wearing these shoes, I kept everything in my apparel clean and let the slingback really shine. I did have a scarf to knock the chill off from this windy fall weather but it didn’t photograph as good as I wanted, so I chucked it from the shot. What do you think?

Please share you passions in the comment section and if you have more than one, talk about how you plan to tie those passions together or what it would take to settle on one.

Here’s our quote


Later Dreamers. Xoxo


6 thoughts on “A Season For Passion

    1. Thanks so.much for the great comments, often times I find my mind cluttered and I just need to focus on one thing instead of three. Thank you and stay tuned ☺


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