Fall Fashion

Hey Dreamers, ready for some fall fashion and a pinch of dreamy real estate? Keep reading for your fall fixx.

I was really basking in the wondrous fall climates yesterday; and since I didn’t have to break a sweat I decided to do a little shooting in my most complimented fall get up. Which is pretty simple honestly, it’s all about layering. I often always am guilty on layering because some times “more is more” and it just comes together so effortlessly. Not to mention for those of you who get a little chilly, there are transitional pieces in the outfit to add in additional layer of warmth.

The neighborhood and sunlight was absolutely beautiful yesterday. In my opinion was a truly perfect fall day. All the trees and leaves haven’t yet turned colors yet but that’s fine as I love greenery above all else.

Lashes- Kiss (So Wispy)

Fedora- Urban Outfitters

Watch- Nixon

Khaki dress shirt- Abercrombie & Fitch

Socks- Anthropologie

Embellished Boots- Target

*Full disclaimer, that this outfit was purchased some time ago and have been in my favorites since last year, so I don’t know for sure that the items are still available for purchase. I’ll make sure to purchase items in season to debut for you guys.


Thanks for reading, scroll down for a little lusty real estate below in my video.

Quote of the day

“No one is you, And that is your power!”

Later Dreamers


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