Life Changing Little Things

Ready to Go Native?

As the seasons change, so does our scents. Those warm cozy scents that excite you and wraps you up like a warm blanket. Even though perspiration levels should be low, for some of us. Our deodorants have kicked it up a notch to cement itself in our morning routine. Native has a great line up this season,  in it’s seasonal fall pack you’ll get excited about October all over again. With amazing scents that make you feel nostalgic but all good feelings because none of the bad stuff listed in ingredients.

Lemon Zest and Pomegranate, Lilac and White Tea, Orange and Honeysuckle.

I was a bit disappointed that they did not include the Pumpkin Spice Latte scent in this line up, given that pumpkin is the epitome of fall. But the other scents hold their own and Lilac and White Tea is what I’m currently sporting and my new favorite.

Down to the facts-  Native deodorant does not contain any harmful ingredients, you can expect their products to be free of Aluminum, Talc, Parabens and phthalates.

When I stumbled upon Native I was seeking a natural deodorant. Why? What’s the difference between natural and “regular” deodorant?

In my experience I was led to believe that deodorant is all the same and that my body goes through changes and it was my own body’s fault that I was having the issues that I experienced. Those issues included burnt underarms, the skin was so much darker than the rest of my body. I was embarrassed and I lost confidence, I never wore anything sleeveless and I wouldn’t even think about taking pictures with arms up to expose the dark skin. I had no idea where this was coming from but I continued using my regular deodorant.

Other issues included, really bad body odor and abnormal amounts of perspiration. I smelled horribly once my deodorant went flat, my sister of course had the courtesy to tell me but I knew that the smell coming from my underarms was something foul.

I often had to just wash my underarms with a washcloth and soap 2-3x a day!

Yes you read that correctly. The perfuse sweating was that similar to an athlete, I’m normally on the warmer side and uncomfortable in hot or warm temperatures because I do tend to sweat. But the pit stains were immense, I started to avoid white shirts and focused on the underarms when doing laundry unless I just wanted to toss the shirt.

All of that changed with Native, this company completely changed my Ph balance. I could go the whole day without applying deodorant and not smell terrible. My sweating died down and when I do tend to apply deodorant in the morning it last me all day. I can’t thank them enough and I converted for life.

Quote of the day

Later Dreamers.

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