A Tiffany’s Affair

Hello Dreamers, and welcome back. I’ve been thinking of treating myself lately or letting someone do it for me. I’ve been in the market for a new piece of jewelry and who better than the jeweler who coined their own color blue, who Audrey Hepburn couldn’t get enough of and what every guys apology should be followed up with? Yes, you guessed it; Tiffany & Co.

Now I know what you’re thinking and you’re going to ask me, well “Kionna is it your birthday?” “You getting engaged?” (God I hope so). “Girl you got that promotion?” umm no. But nevertheless it never hurts to create a goal. For when you reach those special occasion benchmarks in life, you already a step ahead and have the perfect gift in mind.

With a place so Magnifique as the French would say, it’s hard to narrow down your options. I do of course have my favorites and every day wearables and those special pieces I lust after. Keep reading for pics and specs.

The keys are a great purchase, you won’t be saving these necklaces for a special occasion. Throw it on to jazz up your Tees, dresses or pose for a selfie. I know you ladies love that. These keys won’t break the bank, so treat yourself and splurge or complain to your man that this is what he needs to get to make up for upsetting you. I’m sure we can get creative and throw a laundry list of examples.

The regular key measures out 2” long
The mini key measures out 1” long
Although it’s difficult to layer the 2” necklace, you honestly won’t need to as it fills out the cleavage line perfectly and gives that touch of glam.

I did remember the nail color in the main photos and its OPI Cony Island Cotton Candy for those of you looking for the perfect nude nail.

Here’s a shot of the bracelet and I want to you all to know how difficult this shot was, due to my OCD. The back of the heart charm is not colored with the Tiffany blue, it is actually sterling silver with “Return to Tiffany & Co New York”

Finally, for my crush of the day. The Tiffany & Co. famous solitaire engagement ring in the Tiffany setting, yellow gold of course for me. It’s so flattering, so classic, extremely elegant, beyond feminine and essential to ring finger happiness.

Later Dreamers, here’s our quote of the day.

“A strong relationship requires choosing to love each other. Even in those times when you struggle to like each other”

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