Fall Faves: Candles and Accessories

Hello and happy fall, dreamers. The fall is my happy place, I don’t have to sweat profusely like an NBA player on the court. The insects go back to hell where they came from, serial killers come from hell just in time for horror movie night. Cozy sweaters leave the drawer to comfort my skin and bring warmth without a heavy coat. Scarves let me layer to perfection and boots bring out my higher confidence. Top me off with a great hat and I light up the room.

My aunt gave me this hammy down fringe leather jacket and I’m loving it. Just in time for fall.


I couldn’t wait for the weather to break and I’m here to share some of my fall favorites, candle edition. Anyone who knows me, knows my affliction for candles. A clean home isn’t complete until it has a comforting aroma to go with it. My favorite scents lately have been from Bath and Body Works. The three wick candles burn evenly and travel far in the home. There are no dull scents in the collection, whichever fragrance you fall in love with, you are sure to get a home filled with comforting scents.


Midnight Blue Citrus- What I’m currently burning in my home. This is a fresh and clean scent but not overbearing, like a mild cologne. Hence the midnight, its romantic with a touch of citrus like your favorite cleaning scent, your dish liquid or counter spray. Smells like you gave your home a good scrub from counter to floor.

Order here—-> https://amzn.to/2MYAXcY

Cactus Blossom- A flirty fun scent, like the perfume you’ll spray on before a night out. Floral filled fragrance with an undertone of vanilla. I would also nickname this fragrance ” girls night out” because its such a fun and inspiring scent.

Order here—-> https://amzn.to/2I9Tbrt

Autumn- A walk through the woods while brushing your hands against the apple trees. A very apple smell , clean and crisp. Burn this Sunday morning to get your motivation flowing for the day.

Order here—-> https://amzn.to/2zr0PL4

Almond- The winning scent! I find myself trying to save this candle with every burn, I never get tired of this scent or become nose blind; I also purchased the wall oil. This scent wraps you up and calms you down, take a few extra minutes to lay in bed and quiet your mind. This is such a romantic scent, burn this with the hubby for a rainy day in. It inspires cuddling, romance and confidence. I’ll repurchase this scent again and again.

Order here—-> https://amzn.to/2DpqVCr


Some notable mentions in my eclectic collage.

Don’t worry this is my happy face, I just have serial RBF(Resting B***h Face)

Let me know your fall faves. Don’t forget to like or comment below.

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5 thoughts on “Fall Faves: Candles and Accessories

  1. Love the look, jacket is killer! These candles are good scents, I used to love Mahogany Teakwood but now I’ll be trying these scents. Especially the almond 🙂


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