10 Weight Loss Tips For The Lazy

Kionna Knows… life hacks; Weight loss edition.


So today I’m going to share with you how you can eat what you want and not gain any weight. Sounds too good to be true? Sounds like it’s not feasible? Wrong! I am a self-proclaimed foodie, there is nothing (of quality) I won’t eat. Even if someone told me about the best tasting horse hoof, I would give it a try. I would like to add that I have faults, my weak spots are gummy candy and cheeseburgers. So please don’t think I’m a health nut who doesn’t know what a craving or addiction is.

I once was vegetarian for two years because my diet was so bad. I ate a double bacon cheeseburger and large Cajun fries with a medium cherry coco cola every day for two weeks straight! It wasn’t until my skirt didn’t fit and I felt sluggish that I decided to make a change. So here are my low maintenance changes.

  1. WATER

Your primary liquid should ALWAYS be water. If you’re drinking soda with every meal, teas, coffee, sugary drinks; this is affecting your weight. If you really want to eat what you want and craving that extra order of fries than skip the soda. Compromise is much easier than sacrifice. I’m not telling you eat an apple and don’t have those fries. If you have that will power than go for it. But for those of us, where food is life, please skip the sugar and high calorie drink. Aside from weight loss, water has a ton of benefits that boost your confidence. Water benefits include but not limited to clear skin, ease with bowel movements and digestion, appetite suppression and energy booster. These benefits have been prevalent in my progress today. Keep your digestive system easy and clear with




Walk, run or jog yourself to your goal weight. The trainers are going to kill me but I am NOT a gym person. I don’t have correct form, the germs on the equipment scare me, it smells like sweat; I haven’t evolved enough where the gym is where I’m committed to being. So what do I do? I walk every single day. I choose a further parking spot, I take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. It’s easy and if you can get at least 30 Minutes in every day, I promise you will see results and extra energy. My preference is a long nature trail and here in Philly we have plenty. I’m so engulfed in nature that I forget how far or how long I’ve been on the trail. I set a goal that I cannot leave the trail until I have done at least five miles or more. I’ve accomplished this goal plenty of times and now push myself further to seven miles and currently seeking entry level marathons because I truly enjoy this kind of push vs the gym. Here are two budget friendly options to keep track of your steps and motivate you to keep moving.





This is a biggie for me, I’m a strong believer in the “Linner” (Lunch/Dinner) and this technique has helped me maintain my figure for years. I love breakfast and naturally it holds me over till about late afternoon. I fill myself in the morning with a BIG breakfast, is there any other way? Bacon, sausage, two eggs over easy, breakfast potatoes, two slices of rye toast with jelly and butter and wash it down with a homemade smoothie topped with whip cream. If you were pondering what I consider to be big breakfast. For lunch the same technique, get all the fuel you need to get you to full. The big meals stop there, if you’re having a family dinner you’re going to have to swap one of those large meals.

Sticking to these rules has boost my metabolism, provided more energy and kept my skin clear. Your skin takes in ingredients better when you sleep, read any label for creams or serums, “best if used at night before bed”. So now that I have your brain juices flowing you can equate that If you’re eating pizzas, wings and other heavy or greasy foods your skin is absorbing what’s presented to it and so is your body. If you need a time, limit yourself to cease large meals after 7pm.



This is still not a catch, you can still do the things I listed above. I am merely introducing an alternative technique. I started using smaller plates to trick myself into eating less. I tend to use a salad plate as a dinner plate because there is less of a circumference to put food on. If you have a bigger plate than you’ll eat more, by placing more food on that larger plate,you are gaining weight. Portion controls gives you freedom to continue to eat what you love by having an appetizer portion of it or just a tad bit more.



If you are starving, you cannot lose weight. When your body is used to “not having” it will hold on to everything you introduce it. My trick is drinking an extra-large smoothie, skip the milkshake, ok on the protein shake. Replace that meal! I feel hydrated, full and energized after my homemade smoothie and not to mention I’m not missing out on any flavor. Healthy doesn’t have to be bland. I strongly reccomend the Ninja Blender, invest here.





As you have read from the introduction that this is an extreme weak spot for me, do you know how hard it is to walk pass Shake Shack or Five Guys? My gym was literally next door to the temptation. As soon as I smelled the seductive beef, hypnotizing bacon, come hither fries, I buckled. It’s hard to fight off temptation but we have to have strong will power and go to gyms in remote locations. Think of your end goal, why you started in the first place. If you can’t resist? Then give in, but hold yourself accountable and note that as your splurge meal. I have limited myself to once a month or on special occasions only. Cutting down at least helps you to only gravitate towards quality red meat. There is no way you been waiting all month to eat a Big Mac? Sorry food snob behavior showing. I need grass fed, never frozen, free range, and locally sourced beef. Personally I find that I don’t crave fast food because it’s not worth the splurge or if I am out dining I don’t order double meats. For instance; no double cheeseburger, don’t add bacon and no surf and turf. Small amount of lunchmeat on that sandwich or hoagie. Compromise alittle for a big gain.



This step ties into the last one. If you’re not hungry you are less likely to give in. Meal prepping helps you stick to your plan. Packing a really great salad with a brownie treat is all you know you needed last night and would have sufficed. Now that you didn’t pack lunch, what happened? You’re looking for something to eat, you are hungry and if you’re trying to be budget conscious then fast food here you come. It’s for the most part, not healthy and in a large part, not cheap. So pack your healthy lunch, challenge yourself and don’t side eye the weight scale. Keep your head in the game.


Oh boy, we’ve made it to the eight step. Yes, there are a lot of carbs out there. In particular I speak of breads and pasta. In the black community its a saying that if you want a bigger butt to eat more breads and pasta. Now I’m not sure how entirely true that is but I know, nothing fills me faster than pasta or bread. Pasta and breads expand and stay in the body. Making it more difficult for the digestive system. I have turned my back on pasta anyway because in school years if I see another ramen noodle I was going to lose it. So once again, try to cut down or cut out and if you’re Italian try whole grain pasta and skip the bread with it.


Consider it a mantra, “I cannot lose weight if I’m hungry”. To combat that hunger let’s get something in our tummies that will buy us some time without the guilt. As I was drafting this I ate two nectarines to hold me over, a no guilt treat. Any vegetable or fruit will do. Need more ideas? Try trail mix, rice cakes, plain almonds, sun flower seeds, nutri grain or granola bar, banana chips or some lite popcorn. Healthy and appetite curbing snacks are the biggest percentage in my pantry. You can do it!


“Easy for her, she doesn’t have____”, “But it’s hard for me because of ____”. Chances are you are NOT ALONE in your struggles or even your goals. Someone feeling alone, just like you needs motivation from someone they can relate to. Grab a friend or make one and do this together. Team motivation is strongest, strut out there together and remind yourself of the ten rules that make a big impact.

I hope this article was able to help someone as it has helped me and friends of mine. Don’t let anyone tell you, you have a condition, genetics or an excuse on why you can’t get to your goal.


Keep the motivation flowing and stay in good company. As always I leave you with a quote.

“Don’t dwell on the past, you already been there. Be interested in where you are going.”- Les Brown


6 thoughts on “10 Weight Loss Tips For The Lazy

  1. I agree that walking or jogging helped when I was younger and even in my 30s. But now in my 40s, I jog an hour several times a week and haven’t ever lost a pound that way. It does clear the brain, though. And you’re right about the carbs. Why do they have to be sooooo delicious?

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    1. Yeah jogging doesn’t entirely do the job, it just gets the metabolism working. With the right diet, It could be really effective. I remember I was going to the gym four times a week and dieting, nothing was working. Then I changed my birth control and I lost so much weight. For women we have to overcome certain hormonal challenges in addition to weight loss.


  2. Great tips! Walking is amazing exercise that will help to boost energy levels if they are low. People don’t understand how important getting enough water is either. Keep up the good work!

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