Mac Miller and the Beast

Depression, Speak up!

In the wake of the twenty- six year old artist Mac Miller’s death, An artist who captured our hearts and dark emotions. He was just eighteen when he released “Best Day Ever” to the music scene. I want to send my prayers to his family and express my greatest sympathy for their loss. He will truly be missed. I wish to reach my fellow millennials and any others who are struggling with and battling against depression, anxiety and substance abuse. We have seen this time and time again and our inability to speak up, “TMI” in a too much information world has left us with regret knowing we are too late. We watch the lives of hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis. This may have sounded farfetched as little as ten years ago. But as we update our stories, show our fancy dinner off or those not so #CHEFLIFE inclined *insert rolling eye emoji here*. We ultimately portray our ideal life or wish to reach others of like interest.

Discussing such a highly sensitive topic is not in the least bit easy to do, or even feasible at the thought of discussing with our love ones. The first step to conquering depression is speaking to someone, in my opinion a professional someone. We have all had a serious conversation with our family that went straight over their heads and have been ignored and responded to by the phrase “it’s going to be ok”. At the time when you work up the courage to speak out to someone you trust, the phrase “it’s going to be ok” is not ok.  Speaking to our partner may be too much pressure for them to bear and most of the time we shy away at the thought of being looked at any differently by our significant other.

Studies show that our generation is steadily normalizing depression. With stigmas attached to “Angry Teenager” or “Sad Goth’s”, we have to cease grouping people and allow them to express themselves individually. Yes, we all have ups and downs and even my girl Lana Del Rey has seasonal depression aka Summer time sadness. It’s our duty as girlfriends, boyfriends, sisters and brothers, best friends, neighbors and co-workers a like. To recognize the signs and offer a shoulder and lend an ear to those in need. We may not be able to assist these individuals as a professional but we can ignite the confidence in these persons and encourage to start their journey on the road to better mental health.

It’s our civic duty to get too personal with individuals battling depression, as we have witnessed far too many times with mass shootings and acts of domestic terrorism. I cant help my wishful thinking, that if in fact these individuals had someone or didn’t feel ignored, isolated, alone, that they would’ve had less of a desire to “escape” their life. They may have spent some more time valuing innocent lives and the consequence of taking people who have truly meant no harm away from us. They may have pondered the true affect of leaving us without our final goodbyes and hearing the good news if we could have gotten through this together. We scrutinize but how often do we ask “What could I have done to help?”. “Do I know someone who exhibits these concerning traits?”. “Does that person need a friend today?”.

A fatal overdose took Mac Miller’s life. Mac was found dead at his Studio City, CA home September 7, 2017. Who constantly rapped about his struggles with substance abuse as we can now decipher as his cry for help. “I’ve been going through it, you just go around it” in the track – Hurt Feelings.He spoke openly about his paranoia and anxiety. In a position of fame and fortune we can guesstimate that it is increasingly difficult to trust people or encounter genuine relationships. The feeling of loneliness and emptiness is all to common for those we view as “having it all”.

Its important that we surround ourselves with like individuals so we don’t feel alone. So we don’t leave the ones who love and care for us too soon. As frequent as we see deaths related to drug overdose it does not take away our empathy and for those who have lost a loved one in similar tragedy, sympathy. The music industry is synonymously tied to drugs, alcohol and promiscuity. But what seems as just a fame side affect is not regulated and equated to normal. Yes, there are “party dugs” but we haven’t lost our famed idols to those. These are the coping drugs for postponing suicide, escape drugs and a angel who comes in the form of death to those whose pride wont allow them to speak up. Passed out for hours on the floor is not a way to party, crying with a needle in your arm won’t help escape reality. As much as their lyrics speak to us, acting portrays us, giving us hope that were not alone in our dark feelings. It’s not ok to be dependent on an abusive substance, it’s not ok to normalize depression and you are NOT alone! Have the courage, speak up, go to someone you love and trust.

“Sometimes when were in a dark place, we think we’ve been buried. We have actually been planted”- Unknown 


“Time goes by living without you. Hope you know, I’ve been thinking about you.” – Mac Miller
January 19, 1992 – September 7, 2018

Rest In Peace


2 thoughts on “Mac Miller and the Beast

  1. It’s definitely a commitment when supporting someone thru a stressful time such as depression and other situations that develop into a mental breakdown. Patience and awareness are key in supporting anyone experiencing what could be identified as a low point.


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